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Our attorneys collectively have decades of experience in representing private and government real estate owners, sellers and purchasers, lenders, and other secured creditors in title-related litigation and quiet title actions, boundary disputes, adverse possession, partition actions, easements, title insurance claims and land registration proceedings. We resolve disputes between lenders and other stakeholders over the priority of secured interests in the real property. Such scenarios have included discrepancies involving deeds of trust and mortgages; equitable mortgages; equity lines of credit; mechanics, materialmen’s and judgment liens; and liens for water, utilities and property association dues.

We are particularly effective in resolving lien priority disputes pertaining to:

  • Late or unrecorded instruments
  • Quite title actions to clear title from dead or expired loans
  • Relief from clouds on title due to fraud or lines of credit
  • First, second and other junior mortgages between and among lenders and purchasers

Our focus in title-related litigation is to promptly and efficiently resolve title issues, using practical remedies such as reformation of instruments where possible, to assist our clients in obtaining marketable title necessary to close real estate transactions.

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