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Best & Flanagan’s Intellectual Property team represents a wide variety of creative genius, including artists, film makers, actors, musicians, recording artists, writers and illustrators, photographers, furniture designers, jewelry makers and architects.  We work closely to help our clients better understand the scope and value of intellectual property rights in their creative works, what kinds of agreements and deals make sense for their works, and how best to protect those works and see that they are used in a way that is consistent with identifiable goals and values.

Our team has extensive experience in the creative process, and with the companies and organizations that partner with creatives, including prominent publishers, agents, record companies, recording studios, galleries, museums, and universities. 

We also work with creative and strategy agencies, producers, digital marketers, Web entrepreneurs, designers, and other organizations whose business involves creative works, and we help those who hire creatives for projects such as websites, advertising, programming and content development.

Our work includes helping our clients to identify, inventory, register and protect their creative works, and ensure that they are used properly, through licenses and other use agreements. We are regularly work on:

  • Agreements for Developers and Creatives
  • Artist and Photography Agreements
  • Book Publishing Agreements
  • Copyright Ownership, Organization and Creative Analysis
  • Copyright Registration and Protection 
  • Counterfeit Goods Enforcement
  • Customs and Border Protection Recordations for Copyrights and Trademarks
  • e‑Book and Alternative Distribution Channels
  • Enforcement and Infringement Actions
  • Film Production, Financing and Distribution Agreements
  • Gallery and Museum Agreements
  • Licensing and Other Commercialization of Derivative Works
  • Management and Agent Agreements
  • Music Publishing, Licensing and Recording Agreements
  • Online Enforcement (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Trademark Notices, Amazon, eBay and Other Online Marketplace Enforcement)
  • Valuation and Transfers
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