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Divorce or the separation of a mother and father necessitates decisions regarding the schedule and involvement that each parent will have with their children. Best & Flanagan attorneys understand first-hand the emotional turmoil and vulnerability that parents experience when there are disagreements about custody and parenting time.

Minnesota courts make custody determinations based upon what is in the best interests of the child. Our lawyers consistently provide both the guidance and legal counsel required to facilitate the achievement of custody and parenting time arrangements taking into account our client’s preferences, as well as the best interests of the children. We work diligently to establish initial custody and parenting time arrangements, as well as to modify existing agreements as needed.

Married or unmarried, most parents have a fundamental instinct to protect their relationship with their children. As a result, we take the time to get personally involved in our client’s case and provide practical, realistic and reliable options that affirm our client’s rights. We take every action needed to fortify the parental rights of our client and to protect the safety of the child.

Not all child custody battles are the result of divorce, because not all child custody seekers who want to participate in a new baby’s life are married. We also advise grandparents seeking to remove a child from a hazardous home environment, as well as couples seeking to grow their family through adoption.

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