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Minnesota law does not yet sanction domestic partnership agreements between heterosexual unmarried or same sex couples. However, there are ways individuals can protect their legal rights and maximize their benefits as a cohabitating couple or domestic partnership. 

Best & Flanagan’s Family Law team is called upon to create and enforce the full array of cohabitation and domestic partnership agreements. We have worked with couples to establish same sex adoptions, agreements about the custody of their children, access to or ownership of real estate or other property, healthcare and insurance matters, as well as financial support. We also design cohabitation agreements for heterosexual couples who do not wish to marry but desire to live together. In the unfortunate event that cohabitation or a domestic partnership terminates, our attorneys navigate clients beyond the financial and family-related challenges that arise.

Many couples, gay or heterosexual, are cohabiting with a domestic partner for a variety of reasons. Cohabitation or domestic partnership agreements, when written properly, can accomplish many of the same goals as a prenuptial agreement can for married couples. In addition, we also work with domestic partners on all estate planning-related matters to ensure loved ones are taken care of in the event of their death or incapacitation.

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