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Experience is everything when it comes to delivering extraordinary and comprehensive legal counsel to nonprofit and tax exempt organizations. Best & Flanagan has provided nonprofit organizations, including family and corporate foundations and public charities, with practical and hands on legal solutions for decades. We help our clients navigate through and beyond the many challenges they face, and bring creativity and insight to structural and governance initiatives. We are known for legal counsel that is comprehensive and integrated, and addresses key strategic objectives while synthesizing state governance and federal tax law requirements.

This expertise is evident in the representation of family and corporate foundations, where our team creates the mechanisms for doing good works. We counsel family and corporate charitable foundations and their boards of directors in the development and execution of impactful charitable initiatives and management strategies. We advise on foundation control matters that create synergy within the family. We also help corporate foundations devise initiatives that reflect the values of the founder corporation, often resulting in image enhancement within the communities and among the constituents it serves.

We advise public charities on entity formation, structure and governance, tax planning and ongoing legal and tax matters. Our legal counsel has spanned every aspect of public charity operations, which includes unfettered advice in strategic development, recordkeeping and human resource practices, tax and regulatory compliance, as well as consistently meeting the ongoing requirements of operating as a charitable organization. In addition, we are known for serving as a catalyst for goodwill with businesses and other charities for fundraising purposes.

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