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By sending the email (and any information contained therein), you understand and agree that no attorney-client relationship is created or exists between us.

If you are not already a client, please do not provide us with any information relating to your legal matter(s) without first speaking to one of our lawyers, as any information provided before we confirm that we are willing and able to consult with you about becoming a client, may not be privileged, confidential, or protected information, and could be used against you if we represent a party adverse to you.

Best & Flanagan’s Family Law team consistently provides effective advocacy on the full spectrum of substantive family law disciplines. We are known as more than just outstanding lawyers. Our ability to see beyond the often emotionally charged situation at hand makes us invaluable to our client, particularly when faced with decisions that will impact the most important aspects of their life.

We work closely with our clients, guiding them through the often intimidating family law process. We do not believe in throwing gasoline on the fire so to speak, particularly when the situation is already charged to begin with. We recognize that our clients are the decision makers, and we work hard to understand what they need in order to achieve this end. We educate our clients by providing them with information regarding the full range of risks and alternatives regarding their specific matter. 

We care about alternative resolution and productive solutions that mitigate strife and alleviate stress. Our many years of practice give us tremendous insight into resolution and acrimony reduction. We take pride in the way we treat our clients as manifest in the legal and practical solutions we deliver. 

Our multi-dimensional expertise includes dissolution of marriage (divorce); adoption and prenuptial agreements; child custody, paternity and child support; spousal maintenance (alimony), post-decree matters and beyond. Clients seek our attorneys to overcome the obstacles they face. We have represented parties with multi-million dollar estates, challenged antenuptial agreements, as well as helped grandparents gain custody or visitation of their grandchildren, among many other examples. Often, such family law legal counsel is infused with business, tax and real estate implications in which we have significant experience.

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