Best & Flanagan


Intellectual Property: IP Audits & Analysis

Best & Flanagan’s Intellectual Property team works diligently with clients to identify and manage intellectual property assets. Our lawyers advise on the creation and execution of IP policies, procedures and protocols designed to realize the full value of intellectual property assets.

On the business side, we work with individuals and leadership to obtain maximum commercial potential from their business and creative endeavors. Whether we are retained to protect a name, brand, idea, technology, innovation, process or a new product, our lawyers have proven invaluable to our clients when the fortification assets is an exacting element of their business strategy.

On the nonprofit side, we work with organizations to steward and leverage the intellectual property with which they are entrusted to fully carry out their mission.

Our team is involved in protecting the full range of intellectual property assets, including patents, copyright protected writings and other creative works, trademarks, trade secrets, domain names, famous names, technology, data and licensing rights. We work with our clients to better understand the distinctive qualities of their rights, as well as regarding how to more effectively protect and leverage such opportunities.

We believe that IP audits, analysis and management programs should always be the starting point to any organizational strategy, and specific to the company they represent. We work effectively with our clients to incorporate specific priorities into the ongoing development of IP portfolios.