Best & Flanagan


Native American Law: Tribal Litigation

Tribes require legal counsel that fully understands the rules, regulations, processes and procedures of the many Tribal Courts throughout the country. Because each tribe employs its own system of justice, it is critical to retain litigators who are specifically qualified to interpret the complexity of tribal laws and court procedures in order to ensure the best possible outcome at trial.

Best & Flanagan’s Native American Law team knows first-hand what it takes to succeed before tribal courts, state courts and federal courts throughout the country. We represent tribal government and entities in the full spectrum of Tribal Court litigation claims, as well as clients in the state and federal courts. Our experience includes the successful advocacy of civil, commercial and criminal litigation matters, a sampling of which includes:

  • Contractual and other business disputes
  • Labor and employment claims
  • Real estate, land use and environmental disputes
  • Child protection, safety and welfare
  • Family law and domestic violence
  • Probate matters
  • Gaming
  • Treaty Rights