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Native American Law

Native American Law

The attorneys at Best & Flanagan are dedicated to working with tribes and tribal business entities throughout the country. We consistently add insight into the complex challenges tribes face. Our legal team is comprised of tribal members with proven in-house tribal leadership experience in both government and enterprise . Our personal interest in the success of tribes and tribal business entities, their rights, laws and governing documents is consistently demonstrated through our hands on service with clients on big and small matters and where members of our team serve as Tribal Court judges.

We know first-hand how to analyze and incorporate important Native American values such as self-determination, sovereignty and self-governance into our legal, strategic development and planning advice. We are valued for our intrinsic sensitivity to the often distinct needs of sovereign nations throughout the country.

We serve as special or general counsel to tribal government and enterprises, as well as to elected tribal councils, chairs and their administrations. Our experience ranges from tax, business, economic development, commercial transactions, real estate and gaming; to constitutional revision, ordinances, statutes and inter-governmental relations; to litigation defense in tribal and other court systems; to asset preservation initiatives designed to safeguard future generations. We advise Tribal enterprises on labor and employment matters, as well as on the host of daily challenges they may face when running a business. We also provide business, family, probate and juvenile law services for individual tribal members in tribal and other court systems.

We are well versed in federal Indian law, tribal laws, compacts and agency advocacy, where we provide advocacy at all applicable levels . We deliver results in sophisticated financing initiatives for tribal gaming, tribal infrastructure and tribal business development entities. We develop programs for investing tribal trust funds and educational assistance programs for tribal members. We work with leadership to devise investment committee policies and design programs for minors’ trusts, as well as in the establishment and maintenance of a broad range of retirement plans. We also provide in house trainings on a number of different topics ranging from governance to employment law.