Best & Flanagan


Native American Law: Labor & Employment

Human resource management presents unique challenges for tribal employers. Often, tribal economic development initiatives include increasing tribal member employment as a primary goal.

Best & Flanagan works with tribal employers to design, execute and maintain tribal-related labor and employment initiatives that balance the fundamental rights of both the employee and the tribal organization in which they serve. We are particularly sensitive to achieving such an employee/employer equilibrium.

Managing tribal member employees is a complex endeavor. We work diligently to identify and overcome the prevailing sensitivities and intricate complications of forging an efficient and stable tribal workforce.

We focus on creating and executing human resource policies and procedures that infuse both dignity and respect, as well as remain on par with contemporary statues of fair employment practice standards. A sampling of our experience includes work in the following areas:

  • Preparation of employee handbooks
  • Wage and overtime issues
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Discrimination and harassment policies
  • Onsite inspections and investigations
  • Dispute resolution and litigation defense
  • Employee discipline and separation
  • Separation and removal of elected and appointed officials
  • Human resources and employment trainings