Best & Flanagan


Native American Law: Business & Economic Development

Best & Flanagan provides thoughtful legal expertise and ardent strategic planning capabilities to tribal business development initiatives both on and off the reservation. We work with tribes to form new entities that manage development initiatives, as well as guide such clients through both the internal and external approval processes. We are known as thoughtful proponents of and steadfast advocates for tribal development initiatives that are in alignment with traditional tribal values.

Whether our client seeks to develop a project on reservation land or elsewhere, such ventures require more than just a complete understanding of real estate law. In addition to more complicated land issues, financing for tribes and their entities can be a challenge. For example, our attorneys understand that access to capital can sometimes be challenging when building infrastructure such as water, power and sewage for new projects, and we work with tribal authorities and developers to include infrastructure development as a tangible aspect of the deal.

In the real estate development arena, some tribes may have evaluation standards in place and can move an initiative through the approval process with efficiency. Others may need new or revised tax and zoning codes required to facilitate the smooth development of any commercial project. We assist by drafting the necessary codes, and our team is appreciated for the ability to leverage the strengths of the variety of tribal governments and entities, while fortifying against any potential threats to their sovereignty.