Best & Flanagan


Private Wealth Planning: Family & Closely-Held Business Planning

Many of our clients own family or closely-held businesses. Our attorneys advise on the legal structure of these business investments with an eye toward tax mitigation and succession planning. Our attorneys are known for the ability to integrate commercial, personal, tax and estate planning goals into a fortified, comprehensive strategy.

We provide high quality legal counsel on the challenges pertaining to inter-generational investments in order to foster participation by younger generation family members, where appropriate. We also prepare agreements to control the management and disposition of commercial interests. Maximizing the value of our clients’ holdings for their heirs is one of the most important aspects of our Private Wealth Planning practice.

Our attorneys are consistently called upon to devise and execute long term business succession plans that minimize death taxes over multiple generations. Our expertise in this area includes business restructuring that places owners and families in the most tax advantaged position. This can also include the creation of partnerships, irrevocable trusts and shareholder agreements.

Ongoing business dealings have long term implications on the preservation of wealth. As a result, we are also well versed in identifying and averting potential estate-related problems that can occur in the day-to-day commercial transactions throughout the lifetime of a business.