Best & Flanagan


Private Wealth Planning: Estate & Trust Administration

Our attorneys advise trustees, executors and beneficiaries on all phases of estate and trust administration. We interpret estate and trust documents and advise on gift and estate tax returns. We represent clients in court and before taxing authorities, as well as advise on the many aspects of fiduciary law. We are known for constructively resolving disagreements between beneficiaries and fiduciaries, as well as in assisting clients with probate and the post‑death administration of revocable trusts.

The proper administration of wills and trusts requires actual hands-on experience in debt restructuring, asset valuations and liquidation, asset distribution strategies and gift and estate tax returns. In many circumstances, fiduciaries must sell assets or liquidate investments to resolve the payment of expenses, debts and taxes. Our attorneys understand what it takes to navigate clients beyond the complexities and obstacles inherent in the estate and trust administration process.

We combine legal expertise with personal sensitivity to the emotional challenges that arise when consolidating, valuing, liquidating, administering and transferring assets. Our lawyers also understand what it takes to advise on all phases of the longer term administration of trusts, with particular strength in tax planning, trust and estate accounting and distributions.