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Native American Law: Gaming & Gaming Regulatory

Tribal gaming enterprises continue to be significant economic development and self-reliance accelerators for tribes. Tribes have enhanced their socioeconomic status by improving their infrastructure as a result of gaming revenue. Tribal gaming enterprises increase tourism and income to reservations and the surrounding areas. Gaming initiatives have also proven to reduce unemployment and generate hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United States for tribal and nontribal peoples.

Best & Flanagan’s Native American Law team has represented a tribal gaming commission for nearly two decades. Our experience includes negotiating gaming compact amendments and advocating the rights of the tribe as gaming regulators at hearings involving licensing matters.

We have guided clients through the land acquisition process for both on and off-reservation gaming enterprises, as well as negotiated and closed debt/restructuring transactions for existing gaming facilities. We represent tribal clients before the National Indian Gaming Commission and before state regulatory authorities, as well as provide ongoing gaming regulatory counsel.

In addition, we are retained as ongoing counsel to tribal gaming management, assisting them in their day to day operations. Our advice spans the full array of challenges pertaining to human resource, labor and employment and employee benefits law. We also negotiate, document and close the full array of contractual agreements specifically related to casinos, as well as those that arise in the regular course of running any viable commercial enterprise.

We are well versed in all aspects of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and have actual hands on experience as casino management employees. We work diligently with tribal governments to ensure that revenues are allocated as required by law.