Best & Flanagan


Litigation: White Collar Criminal & Regulatory Defense

Best & Flanagan’s White Collar Criminal & Regulatory Defense team knows first-hand what it takes to mitigate, investigate, navigate and defend white collar criminal misconduct and civil fraud matters. Among the firm’s team is a former U.S. Attorney, twice appointed. As a result, our perspective on resolving criminal claims, investigations and regulatory proceedings is unique in terms of both practical and real world know-how.

Our attorneys are called upon to analyze existing policies and procedures in order to avoid criminal allegations or victimization all together. In the event a claim should ensue, we are known for navigating through serious and complex challenges often involving significant financial consequences and potentially harmful results. We have represented individuals and organizations who have been the victims of white collar crime, accused of such a crime or were seeking to prevent such a crime within their organization.

Our experience includes internal investigations, regulatory compliance, grand jury proceedings, civil fraud allegations, trial and appeals. In addition, our team understands what it takes to manage parallel prosecutions in which the government threatens simultaneous criminal, civil and regulatory action. We are known as formidable advocates in the area of threatened regulatory action, which can be just as damaging as criminal charges.

We have resolved a broad selection of matters, including fraud pertaining to securities, corporate conduct, bankruptcy, insurance, lending health care and government contracts. We have also overcome claims involving the False Claims Act, money laundering, corruption, campaign finance and racketeering, among others.

In addition, our firm represents individuals accused of criminal behavior at the federal, state and local levels. We are not intimidated by prosecutorial scare tactics, and we work tirelessly to ensure our client’s legal rights remain intact. Our experience ranges from investigations to charging, from preliminary hearings to jury trials, and from sentencing to post-conviction proceedings. We have been involved in matters alleging all manners of fraud in a wide variety of personal and business affairs.