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Litigation: Tenant-In-Common Litigation

Investors are lured into tenancies-in-common (TICs) by the incentive of deferring or avoiding capital gains taxes. These real estate investments, often times valued into the millions of dollars and sold by issuing TIC units, provide each investor an undivided ownership in the property.

Best & Flanagan litigators offer proven experience in protecting the rights of investors involved in TICs throughout the United States. TICs are not only real estate investments, but also classified as securities and therefore governed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Our attorneys understand the complexities of these types of investments, as well as what it takes to investigate and establish claims against the broker, agent or company involved in the TIC sale. We have successfully litigated claims pertaining to misrepresentations and mismanagement of TIC owned property.

Our litigators vigorously pursue real estate investment losses from financial planners, investment advisors and brokers, as well as the promoters of Ponzi schemes and other deceptive investment programs. We have proven that such investments involved misleading marketing and sales practices. We have prevailed in establishing fraudulent or misleading information pertaining to the misrepresentation/omission of sponsors, promoters or managers; negative, undisclosed economic factors known only to the brokers or insiders; quality of the real estate purchased; tenant lease terms and undisclosed financing arrangements.