Best & Flanagan


Litigation: Landlord & Tenant Litigation

Best & Flanagan represents commercial and residential landlords, property management companies and tenants in resolving every type of dispute that can arise during the landlord/tenant relationship. We provide substantial expertise in real property and contract law, premises liability, fair housing and insolvency related matters. Our attorneys have considerable experience representing both sides of such disputes, which give our clients the competitive edge when anticipating opposing counsel’s strategy.

Our extended litigation capabilities are grounded in deep commercial leasing experience. Our litigators appear in courts in Minnesota and other jurisdictions on a variety of claims, such as:

  • Actions for possession and the recovery of rent or other charges
  • Broker commission disputes
  • Commercial and residential eviction suits
  • Fair housing and ADA claims
  • Lease interpretation disputes
  • Premises liability
  • Property defect litigation

We also represent owners of condos, apartment buildings, co-ops, townhouses and commercial properties, as well as residential and commercial tenants in such actions pertaining to the nonpayment of rent, holdovers and repairs, and retail lease disputes. Our plan of action is dictated by the objectives of each client and the nature of the dispute. Whether we proceed to court immediately or resolve the problem through diplomacy and careful planning, we vigorously defend and preserve the rights of our client.