Best & Flanagan


Intellectual Property: Technology

Best & Flanagan has a long track record working with start-up, emerging and publically traded technology companies. We know what it takes to both meet the criteria and high expectations of technology companies, and work within the fast moving environment of the tech world. Whether our client is a large, industry leader or emerging growth company, our legal savvy and technical abilities allow us to provide insight into the legal issues facing fast paced and forward looking tech organizations.

Best & Flanagan provides legal counsel to each client’s specific requirements throughout the growth and development lifecycle of their organization. We advise on issues ranging from angel and venture financing, private equity, mergers and acquisitions and securities; to employment, labor, benefits and executive compensation; to branding and intellectual property; to real estate, litigation and tax.

Often the cornerstone of a tech-related business, technology industry clients require lawyers who understand how to protect their intellectual property assets. As such, we provide patent, trademark and copyright counseling to a diverse clientele yielding from such market segments as computer hardware and software, life sciences, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, computer imaging, process control systems, electronic gaming and publishing, Web based business, retail, publishing, content development and e-commerce based enterprises.