Best & Flanagan


Intellectual Property: IP Licensing & Commercialization

Best & Flanagan’s Intellectual Property team help clients identify and use their intellectual property assets and take them to market. We work closely with our clients to identify options that generate opportunities for the development of their intellectual property assets. Whether we are called upon to assist in commercializing intellectual property by creating a new business, joint venture or licensing arrangement, we negotiate and close transactions that have the potential to create income and possible commercial alliances.

We have been involved in such matters ranging from intellectual property strategy and preliminary business planning; to the identification of development and licensing opportunities; to the due diligence and screening of potential partners; to deal valuation, transaction execution and beyond.

We are known for legal intelligence and effective contract negotiation skills. Our expertise in licensing, joint ventures and new company formation is among the top tier in the region. The intellectual property commercialization and licensing environment is highly competitive. We work both efficiently and quickly to identify, evaluate, negotiate and close deals that create value and establish solid market footing for our client.