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Intellectual Property: IP Enforcement

 Intellectual property rights can comprise some of the most important assets of an organization, from valuable brands to the intellectual property of key products and services. In today’s instant and global information marketspace, such assets can be intentionally or unintentionally exploited. Best & Flanagan’s Intellectual Property team works with a wide range of clients to development sound enforcement strategies, policies and procedures designed to safeguard intellectual property portfolios.

We have successfully advocated our client’s rights in virtually every type of intellectual property enforcement dispute, ranging from trademark and copyright infringement, to unfair competition, to the misappropriation of trade secrets. At the commencement of each matter, we analyze both the merits and risks associated with the claim at hand and develop a defense strategy that best meets each client’s often unique needs.

In addition, our firm maintains an extensive network of affiliated offices of lawyers and enforcement professionals in different regions around the globe. The ability to create a team of professionals beyond state and country lines has enabled our lawyers to effectively police and protect intellectual property assets when and where they are at risk.