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Intellectual Property: Copyright

Copyright law protects original creative works of authorship, including literary works, musical compositions, sound recordings, architectural works, sculptural works, visual arts, photographs, dramatic works, motion pictures and software. Copyright protected works can be some of the most valuable intellectual property of individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations.

Best & Flanagan’s Intellectual Property team understands the creative process, and the business and often personal concerns that are involved with creative works. Our clients include creative agencies, software developers, digital marketers, Web entrepreneurs, designers, musicians, artists, writers, architects and other organizations whose business involves creative works. It also includes those who hire creatives for projects such as websites, advertising, programming and content development.

We work closely with our clients to identify, inventory, register and protect these works, and ensure that they are used properly, through licensing and other use agreements. We are regularly called upon to counsel our clients on such issues as:

  • Copyright ownership, organization and analysis of the creative process
  • Agreements pertaining to developers and creatives
  • Copyright protection for particular works 
  • Transaction structures that protect copyright ownership
  • Implementing organizational policies on copyright authorship and ownership
  • Copyright enforcement and infringement actions