Best & Flanagan


Intellectual Property: Confidentiality & Compliance

Best & Flanagan works with businesses and other organizations to protect their trade secrets and confidential information. Our attorneys are frequently called upon to analyze and execute confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements designed to:

    • Protect ideas, inventions and know how
    • Safeguard a new product not yet available to the public or a potential licensee
    • Preserve sensitive commercial data, processes and procedures when working with independent contractors and outside businesses and vendors
    • Shield important procedural know how required by employees in order to effectively perform the duties of the job
    • Limit the distribution of information contained in confidential financial and/or other business records

A well drafted and comprehensive confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement can protect the trade secrets, confidential and sensitive information of a company, in particular the information that provides an enterprise with a competitive advantage. These agreements should be highly specific and tailored to the client in order to be enforceable in court.

Our Intellectual Property team works with clients to address the specific concerns and the type of business ideas, valuable information and sensitive data in need of protection. We are known for drafting agreements that are enforceable in Minnesota courts.