Best & Flanagan


Intellectual Property: Advertising & Marketing Law

Best & Flanagan advises business owners, advertising agencies, public relations firms and marketing consultants on all facets of advertising and marketing law. From initial conception through execution, we work with our clients to ensure that their message is grounded within a sound legal framework.

We provide comprehensive legal counsel from start to finish, ranging from the creation, design and production of a marketing campaign, through the launch and dissemination of all variety of advertising, sales and promotional materials. We assist our clients in diligently prescreening and reviewing proposed marketing and advertising campaigns. We have been involved in the analysis of all variety of messaging for print, radio and television; display advertising and direct marketing; as well as website materials, blogs, social media and the like.

We regularly work to ensure that all new and existing marks, slogans, taglines, logos and copy are properly cleared and conform to established and accepted usage guidelines. We also provide important due diligence regarding the substantiation of product claims. For campaigns involving contests, we advise on the creation and execution of sweepstakes and loyalty programs executed both online and through traditional media venues.