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Employment & Labor: Wage & Hour Law

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state wage and hour statutes are complex. As a result, disputes over wage and hour issues are among the most costly and time consuming for employers. Best & Flanagan’s Employment & Labor team works closely with clients to ensure that employers understand wage and hour rules, have effective policies for administering wage and overtime issues, and have properly classified employees under the wage and hour laws. When disputes arise, we defend our client’s position before state and federal labor departments and in court.

We build a foundation for avoiding disputes by providing day-to-day guidance on wage and hour matters, including classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt, recordkeeping requirements under applicable law and determination of overtime requirements. We are actively engaged with our clients to ensure compliance and to respond appropriately to regulatory audits.

If wage and hour disputes move to litigation, we are aggressive advocates for our clients. As with all employment litigation, we look for creative, strategic settlement solutions while preparing for trial if settlement efforts fail. We are efficient but assertive, and draw on our close relationships with clients and knowledge of their businesses to resolve disputes in the most effective way possible.