Best & Flanagan


Employment & Labor: Strategic Advice & Counseling

At Best & Flanagan, we are curious about our clients and eager to understand each organization’s specific culture, needs and objectives. We work diligently to provide legal counsel that serves as a catalyst for the achievement of business goals. Our advice is consistently timely and strategic. We pride ourselves on the ability to address a wide variety of employment concerns in real time, and in a way that makes sense for both management and the businesses they serve.

We advise on best practices relating to employment agreements, including those pertaining to confidentiality/non-disclosure, non-competition, non-solicitation and intellectual property. We provide a tactical, practical, customized approach to the design and implementation of employment-related policies and procedures and state and federal law compliance.

We make ourselves available. We provide everyday answers to questions about diversity and equal opportunity, social media and IT issues, workplace conduct, drug and alcohol use, leaves of absence, PTO and vacation/sick leave, accommodations and employee safety. We reconcile complex law with real world systems and structures so that clients may achieve their goals.

We provide guidance about performance concerns, evaluations, compensation and compliance with federal and state laws, including the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and anti-discrimination and harassment statutes. Our attorneys also are effective at translating complex wage and hour laws into daily actions for determining exemptions from overtime requirements, reconciling and recording hours worked and calculating overtime.