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Employment & Labor: Employee Handbooks & Workplace Policies

Best & Flanagan’s Employment & Labor team offers employers a practical approach to the drafting of workplace policies. We get to know our clients, their business needs and goals. We work closely with our clients to develop policies that match their organization’s specific corporate culture and objectives.

Concise, well written and clear policies are the first step in preventing workplace disputes and compliance violations. We draft, review and update employee policies that match both long and short term objectives. Through our regular updates, we advise on changes in the law and new guidance to ensure that our clients’ policies meet current requirements.

Essential policies include equal employment opportunity, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, equal employment opportunity and leave policies. Policies relating to drug and alcohol use and testing, workplace violence, IT systems and social media may also be important in managing the workplace and ensuring the security of proprietary information.

Our legal counsel reflects our belief that thoughtful policies, procedures, systems and mechanisms designed upfront and communicated effectively foster a work environment of respect and fairness, as well as one where all employees alike can reach their highest level of potential and production.